The twenty fifth meeting of the GPRA

December 16, 2018

The XXV. Meeting of the Global Phenolic Resins Association (GPRA) was held in Bangkok, Thailand on December 5th and 6th.

Attendees enjoyed presentations on various topics affecting the industry, with a particular focus on strategic and technical as well as regulatory topics at this meeting.

Huettenes-Albertus formally joined the Association as regular member.

At this meeting, the attending companies welcomed the China Phenolic Resin Association (CPRA) as an associate member. All attendees gave company updates and the most recently published news on new shareholding structures.

The group heard regulatory updates on Formaldehyde, Phenol and Furfuryl Alcohol by J. Talbiersky (UCP Chemicals).

K. Wang (CPRA) reported how the changing legal and regulatory framework affects the manufacturers of Phenolic Resins in China.

V. Böhm (ASK Chemicals) presented the findings from an accident at a furfuryl alcohol tank and the group discussed precautionary safety measures to avoid similar incidents.

J. Talbiersky (UCP Chemicals) gave a particular overview of “Chemistry 4.0” outlining the increasing opportunities and challenges for artificial intelligence in the value chain of the chemical industry.

C. Remus (Prefere) reported from the progress, which the working group “Strategic Threats & Opportunities” of the European Phenolic Resins Association (EPRA) has achieved since the last meeting.

The meeting was concluded by presenting the economic situation and outlook for all major regions of the world.

The meetings were held in the presence of Treuhandbuero, an independent consulting group that ensures that all discussions comply with all national and international laws. All members have signed the anti-trust compliance documents.

The next meeting of the GPRA will take place on June 04 and 05, 2019 in Europe.
Treuhandbuero will invite all interested stakeholders and circulate the agenda well in advance.
The GPRA Chairmen are Dr. Jörg Talbiersky of UCP Chemicals, representing Europe and Sang Ho (“Shane”) Lee of Kolon Industries, representing Asia. The chair representing the Americas is currently vacant.

Membership in the GPRA provides excellent value to its members as it is the only organization, which allows proper meetings between Phenolic Resin industries representatives from around the globe.

The Mission of the GPRA is: ‘To enhance the reputation of the global phenolic resins industry with all its stakeholders by highlighting the unique contribution offered to society by these resins and to foster safe management of phenolic resins throughout their lifecycle’

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